​[Days before spring] 

Blind dog. Clean street (obviously not) 
Cut trees //skies drowned in clouds. (obviously going to rain) 

Old buildings. New fancy buildings. Invisible name written on them –  M O N E  Y

Banks. Bank accounts advertising. 

Students. Sad. Meaningless. 

Clothes. Girls looking at you for you to look at them. Look at me, I’m all (again)  M O N E Y. 

FREEdom of Spe(cies)ech. 

Swearing people. Yelling. Punching. 

Wind blowing up smoke. 

Faded light. 

City coffee. Coffee to go. 

Bus stop. Another bus stop. 

Heading home. Judgemental people. 

Rich people. Poor people. 

Ticking clocks. 

Running seconds. Time (again) / money lost. 

Days before spring? 

These are the days //these days//

Before true spring.


2 thoughts on “​[Days before spring] 

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  1. I felt you with this post. You truly managed to picture in words my image of the city- grey, mixed up in the matter of culture, somewhat dirty. I write this comment only because you gave me something I can fully resonate with, which is rare to me,and I wish you good luck with bronging the feeling out of people furthmore.

    1. I’m happy that we can share these feelings, even if they are not sunshine bringing. It’s amazing knowing that there are people who feel and think as you do – that making me feel less lonely and more understood. Thank you for your kind words, you made me smile 🙂

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