Maybe it was too late. Maybe it was too early – I wouldn’t have known.  I found myself awaken, with my eyes barely open, staring at the ceiling, inspecting the light playing in silent mode. Finally a sunny day – I thought to myself. This city became so crowded since I first came here, it’s almost impossible not to notice that everyone is in such a hurry! Always running, always having a bus to catch, always checking their watches, their phones…

To be honest? It scares me. It scares me how I grew up so fast, how time seems to drive a fucking Ferrari, just so you look in the mirror and fuck, you’re 30! 40! 50! and so on. I am sorry I do not always thank for everything that I have, but god…how lucky I felt today to close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun, the wind, the spring coming… Ignoring the traffic. Ignoring the annoying, noisy people – I was just walking and I was feeling it. The moment. I was feeling the present. It doesn’t happen too often, but when I’m not stressed, depressed or whatever, I enjoy life.

I smiled at people today and I smelled the flowers, I talked to my dear ones and I did things for myself.

I lived simply enough to understand that the complicated world inside my head is not always the one I want to live in. I guess you just have to choose what you want to see, you know?

Be conscious. Be happy. Be thankful. Love. FORGIVE. Learn. LEARN. Apply. Move. Discover. Create. Help. BE.



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