Fake saints

It’s always death that we choose first
Over fears and unbearable pain
It’s alcohol the cure for thirst
When there is nothing left to gain.
Even in listening ignorance is found
For one does not hear the truth,
Neither the crying, nor the sound
Of dying love, beauty and youth.
Blame is for them, but for us? Never could!
We are the innocent, we shall be saved!
But what is forgiveness when there is no good?
And only evil is everything they craved.
Immortal – promised to be,
They never cared for each other.
The self they were trying to see
Got darkened by another.
Another him, another her…
All hidden, playing the fools
Trying to understand what they were,
They all broke the rules.
And heaven was too far,
But hell was at their feet,
Still thinking of what they are –
Forgot about what they need.
To grow, to love…
To find themselves complete;
To wonder what’s above the lord
And if it’s worth to bleed for.


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