so tired

I’m expecting the world to feel. Am I asking too much from a being who, amongst all, has the incredible gift to think? No. We need to know. To reconsider. To fucking understand. The thing is… we became so ignorant, that everything around us screams for help and we just turn the other cheek. Nature cries for the evil man, for the selfish being who prefers destroying instead of creating. We kill each other with guns. With words. with ignorance. We dig our own hole in the ground, while others put flowers on our grave, whispering: ‘may he rest in peace, for he was a good man’. So what? Are we really better alive than dead? If we don’t change ourselves, we might as well kill ourselves and let the earth eat our bodies. But our spirits…oh, lord! Once poisoned, they will slowly kill the uiverse…

Haven’t we learned by now that war does not mean peace? That money won’t feed our soul? and loneliness became a disease, because we are all drowning in a sea of misunderstandings, of non-communication and of self-centered individuals. Wake up! *screamed her, as she was making her own way through a living hell*…


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