Beauty has never had such a lovely form before. Your frozen light skin, covered with shy snowflakes, could hide all the secret maps of the world, which not only lead to purity and uniqueness, but to love at its finest state. Your eyes, as clear and cold as these winter skies above, could bury a whole ocean of feelings, in which I dare to get lost every time…Your smell – pleasant, innocent addiction. I adore surrounding myself in it, as I still remember it, once in a while…Your hands… meant to hold mine, designed to guide me through a mad world. Your laughter – a symphony of the greatest musicians, all composing together. But most of all, I could have been blind and still feel the beauty of your soul. Reflected in your words. Painted in your smile. Such an interesting energy flowing in your whole body I could not ignore! Your existence deserves to be a theme in every artist’s work. You deserve to be reminded.



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