Speak your words as if they were made entirely of your heart and each time you said something, you would show your heart to the people. Speak in such a way that every person would want to steal your words and wear them as jewelry.

Just imagine holding a warm, young heart in your hands, beating with fire and rhythms of chaos and dare to make it tremble from happiness; dare to make it shake not from fear, sadness and loneliness, but from beauty, peace and courage – dare to make it feel whole, even though it has been broken for too long.

Dare to make your heart feel better. So speak, darling, as clearly as the skies above, as sweet as a child’s smile and as true as the thoughts dancing through your mind at night, because blind is the one who doesn’t see how powerful words can be. They cut like a knife and leave scars for the rest of your life, or heal with a magical touch everything that was ever done to you.

Appreciate words. Remember them and always speak your mind, because there is nothing worse than the words left unsaid, the emptiness defined by ‘what if’ and the chance you miss when you decide not to talk. So talk. Be wise, choose your words carefully, because they define your reality.

Sweet-bitter words…


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