Cold winter, warm souls


I swear that nothing ever made me feel more alive than the cold pleasant winter. How tender, but how evil… Long walks at night, when time had no definition, got me to the point where I just wanted to freeze for a second, to feel the entire universe through me… Hand by hand, we walked until our faces froze with our smiles, until our body became so cold and steady, that we could no longer feel the blood running through our veins, but only hear our frightened heartbeats… 

Our lovely lonely hearts. Beating together – freezing together.

It is so strange that winter played with this silly human body, brought it near to death so many times, but never let my soul to wither, to disappear. Breathing in and out, our never-ending conversation could have be seen in the air – warm words coming out of our mouths, as we were trying to explain ourselves as clear as possible. But somehow, our conversation got a little deeper, the wind got a little colder and maybe, just maybe, time really froze for a few seconds. There were no people to see, no one to judge us, but only you and me in this beautiful winter. It seemed pretty childish that we were so excited to see this white chaos reborn and cover us in snow…

But darling, have you noticed how soft is the skin when it’s a little bit frozen? How sweet are the lips, when warming together and how clear is the world, even buried in fog? I believe that we just focus a bit more on our inner self in the winter time, it’s like we change our natural rules, just to experience what it feels like to have a burning soul in a frosty body.


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