Dream vs. Reality (part 2)

Do we dream, or do we fall asleep and wake up in another life? As my nightmares continued to bitter my nights and question my own existence, I felt, somehow, indebted to write what I saw.

So I finally did wake up. It was a rainy day of October, that side of autumn I never liked showed its face in front of my window. Sleepy, I got out of bed, dressed up and got ready for school. On my way down to the center, I  could see same old people crossing the street, same little cat meowing, asking for food and same faces. Everywhere. It seems a bit strange,but I didn’t mind, I kept going. Got in the bus, put my headphones on and waited. And waited… the bus never stopped again. All the people who were there turned their look at me, all at once. How weird! I looked down, ignoring them. But they were still staring at me. Pale faces, bloodless bodies, all freaking the hell out of me.

Same road.


Each night this nightmare haunts me. I call it a nightmare, because when I wake up, I feel completely lost. Unwanted. One of the things I hate most is when people are staring at me for no reason. It’s like I feel guilty for something I haven’t done. And God… they had such evil looks, that I get goose bumps every time I think of them.

I tend to believe that they are not just simple dreams, but all my fears, passions and views, all dancing together in my head, like in a drama prom of 21st century.


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