Dream vs reality (part 1)

This wasn’t supposed to be only a dream; but is was. The night slowly slipped into my morning coffee, as the cold unfamiliar wind started to make its way through the window. Starry eyes, frozen lips. No words could come out, no tear could say the entire story. No expression. Emptiness. That’s what I have been feeling lately. But is it a feeling? To not feel anything at all? Even still, dreaming was my only way of letting myself go. Inside my lost thoughts, through my wandering consciousness, I could find everything I was afraid to say. Another reality built on the bricks of a different me; that’s what my soul was experiencing while falling into a deep, almost deadly sleep. Lifeless figures, unknown voices, screaming like someone was in pain, then warmth, peace, happiness. It was a dreadful mix of feelings and sometimes, even after I woke up, I could not distinguish which was the real life: the one I just raised my heartbeats for, or the one flashing before my eyes?


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