You don’t just waste yourself, as a human. You may say you offer pieces, as in thoughts, feelings, tears, smiles…you see, there is that bigger picture and it is terrifying how insignificant one can be, but still, how important. Each human being plays a role(as I like to believe) in this Shakespearean masterpiece. Some of us are the light. Some are the darkness. Some live like there’s no tomorrow and some live to see how tomorrow will look. But at the end of the day, we’re all the same – oceans of questions, skies of illusions and gardens of dreams. Do we care? No. We are not even close to know what it feels like to be complete, yet we dream and love and crave, we stumble and fall, but we laugh and get up, life was never easy…and if it is too easy it gets boring, right? Too bad we like to be entertained. Curious minds, wandering the earth.. And why am I not sleeping? For god’s sake, it’s 4 am and all I have now are these bleeding thoughts and it’s like I’m either too afraid to stop them or too curious and selfish to let them go.


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  1. Sometimes, I think that, us humans, not thinking the same, is bad; we cause pain to other people without even knowing.
    But on the other hand…as you said…it’s good we’re not all the same..because it would be boring.
    Thanks for sharing this piece of your mind 🙂 it’s beautiful

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