Words turn into dust. Days turn into memories and people…people turn into ghosts.

– And do these ghosts feel a thing?

– I don’t know, darling, I’ve never been a ghost, although I imagine ghosts as being the portrait of someone, created by using only the essential elements – energies, feelings, thoughts…call them however you like.

– Yes, but…do they feel love, for example? If a human being would concentrate so much on a lost soul, would that soul feel the connection? Or is just a fantasy?

– I believe there is a sort of bond between the dead and alive and not only. People, once they share a certain type of energy, connect for a long period of time. It’s like they give each other parts of themselves, without worrying what might happen with those pieces in the future. For the moment, all that matters is the result of two energies combined. And that is all. The beauty. The mystery. The happiness and the pain. LIFE.

– OK… but people are people and ghosts are ghosts. I am a human, therefore I feel, I understand. But a ghost…?

– Exactly, dear. To get to my point, I have to tell you the whole story, as I see it.

– Alright. Please, continue.

– So…Along the years, you meet people. They change you and complete the puzzle of your soul. Yes, don’t look at me like that. I do believe that each one of us is a puzzle and it might be the simplest way of defining the feelings that flow within ourselves. And…as you already know, people come and people go. Even left, some persons still make you feel certain things and it is not just because you remember, it is because you both gave life to those memories. It might as well be as random as going and buying something from a store. Something mediocre. But WE choose how much soul we put in every action of ours, resulting in the energy that fills the universe. 🙂

– I understand. And let me guess…if people die, the energy remains.

– Of course it remains.

– It’s interesting…how you can still feel so many things, even when you’re gone, or they are gone…

– Yeah, you did this to yourself, too, you know? You allowed yourself to be known, at least on the surface of your soul and that is why you connected to certain people, especially to the ones you care about.

– Oh…I get that. So the more one knows about me, the more I connect with that person?

– Maybe, it’s not just about knowing, it’s about feeling too.

– And how do I know what the other one feels?

– You feel it too.

– Well, it’s a bit scary, to feel the same thing and know that even after death…would you still feel it?

– If it is strong enough, yes. But don’t be scared of feelings and thoughts, they are what make us humans. This is how we are remembered, for how we made people feel.


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