You. Yeah, you… with all your  “I’ve had enough” faces, half-broken soul and sad, empty eyes, just stop. Stop for a minute from everything you’re doing now. Take a look around you and I don’t care if it is day time, or night time, December or spring, Tuesday or the 18th of October; just stop and relax a bit. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and detach yourself from this daily chaos. Open your visual mind, see right through your soul; this world is beautiful, is amazing, breathtaking, everything. Is everything for us; our home. And people… yeah, people are beautiful too. sometimes even incredibly sensitive, amazing in the way they express their thoughts, their feelings. Take a look at art. Read a book, contemplate a painting, listen to a song… Can’t you see? This world is perfect, the nature is more than enough for us. We are all beautiful, surrounded by love, living because of love, but yet too blind, too proud to admit. And maybe we need to be told from time to time that we are beautiful, not only for the way we look, but for what we are, for what our eyes communicate, for the late night calls, early morning coffees, long walks and for the way we say certain things, for how tight we hug persons we love…We are beautiful. You are damn beautiful and deserve every little piece of happiness of this world, but please, take care of it, take care of yourself. Be yourself, that might be a good start.


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  1. People often look but cannot see the true meaning of nature, love, art and other people around them.
    They cannot comprehend the true meaning they have in their lives.

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