I’m such a mess!

I’m such a mess;
all I do is pretending I’m fine,
’cause in daylight
all my sorrow is even more powerful
and all these people,
Oh, all these people…
I’m pretty tired of them, you know…
I’ve never felt so much pain before
and I cannot see happiness into their eyes,
it’s like they are all blind and careless
and selfish.
But sometimes, when I’m walking down the street,
I see this woman,
a strange and curious figure,
with such cloudless eyes
and innocent smile,
that gives me a certain mood,
a beautiful feeling – hope.
Finally, when the day ends,
I find myself  lying in bed,
without a mask,
just me and my naked soul.
I sometimes wish that all these question would disappear
and let me be a free being.
But it would be too easy…



2 thoughts on “I’m such a mess!

Add yours

  1. I think you never were a mess, only with your thoughts a bit mixed up…
    You’re a wonderful person and I hope you’ll come here, read what you wrote and realise you are perfectly imperfect you.

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